Mourning Three Exceptional Doctors who Gave their Lives for their Beliefs

eisenstein Bradstreet Moulden

The old adage tells us that things happen in threes.  As I write this piece, the autism world is still reeling with disbelief a week after learning about the death of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet at age 61.  Only six months ago, we lost Mayer Eisenstein, another extraordinary doctor, who also held a law degree. He was exactly my age: 69. Dr. Andrew Moulden died “unexpectedly” in November, 2013 at age 49.

Personal attributes that these courageous physicians had in common were extraordinary intelligence, a passion for healing, the ability to think outside the box, empathy for their patients, and deep religious convictions.  Moulden was a Muslim, Eisenstein an Orthodox Jew, and Bradstreet, a devout Christian, who prayed with their patients, and trusted their God in all aspects of their lives.

The third commonality these three healers shared was the conviction that vaccines played a role in their patients’ illnesses.  Dr. Moulden, who also earned a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, went one step further, stating that every vaccine produces damage. He demonstrated that each dose causes tiny strokes in the brain and in other organs of the body, bringing about a wide range of unexpected health conditions.

Now they share another bizarre connection: the circumstances surrounding their deaths are suspicious. Moulden and Eisenstein had heart attacks. Did they, or were their deaths suicides? Or foul play? Bradstreet was found lying in a river with a gun-shot wound to his chest, a day after the FDA raided his clinic.  His death was immediately called a suicide.  Possible, but unlikely.

Moulden quit a lucrative medical career in Canada in 2007 to travel around North America to conduct and present research into vaccine safety. He demonstrated that many cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome were actually vaccine-related damage. His testimony freed many parents from false accusations that they had abused their infants.  In October, 2013, Dr. Moulden told trusted colleagues that he was ready to release information refuting the germ theory of disease and the vaccine model of disease management. Two weeks later, he was dead.

Eisenstein, a Chicago area pediatrician, who for four decades treated over 75,000 patients, was an out-spoken advocate against vaccination.  He proudly paraded his thousands of healthy, unvaccinated children as proof of the body’s innate ability to take care of itself. He had just welcomed a new grandchild and lost over 100 pounds.  In a wink, he was gone.

Dr. Jeff, a brilliant and beloved physician who healed patients from all over the world, never met a kid, a problem, a symptom, an issue, a disease, upon which he gave up.  Just last month he made presentations at the annual Autism One Conference in Chicago, where he announced that we “would be seeing him for years to come.” The possibility that he gave up on himself and committed suicide is incomprehensible.

Andrew Moulden’s legacy has been preserved by Health Impact News.  Click here to listen to what he wanted to share with the world.

Mayer Eisenstein’s Home First Health Care is still online.  Listen to him speak about vaccines.

The extended Bradstreet family, headed by his “baby brother” Thom, has pledged to get to the bottom of the circumstances of Jeff’s death.  They have established a fund to underwrite a full investigation at Go Fund Me .

If you are concerned about possible vaccine damage or have questions about vaccines, here are some resources:

The Vaccine Epidemic  by Louise Kuo Habakus and Mary Holland

Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parents’ Guide by Aviva Romm

Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk

For the most complete and up-to-date information on vaccination, go to the National Vaccine Information Center website.

If you are in the Mid-Atlantic region, consider coming to Pittsburgh, PA on September 19th for the second Vaccination: A Conversation conference.  We will be talking openly about all aspects of vaccination research, policy, exemptions and more.  Stay tuned for more information.

In the meantime, please honor the work of these amazing pioneers and brave doctors.  Say prayers for their souls, send healing energy to their families, and beg that if evil forces entered into any of their deaths that justice will be done.


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