Day Lily buds and Zucchini Blossoms: Eating for Free

In the 1970’s with Euell Gibbons’ best seller Stalking the Wild Asparagus as my guide, I used to forage for free food moving from scapes (wild garlic) in the early spring to blueberries in late summer.  Two of my favorites, day lilies and zucchini blossoms arrive together in June, and I cooked them this weekend for friends.

Zucchini plants are prolific, and a single one can provide more than enough of the vegetable to satisfy most families’ needs.  When you consider the blossoms as part of the harvest, you get double the gourmet experience. 

Stuff each blossom with a little bit of goat cheese seasoned with some chopped basil, dip into flour and egg, and fry quickly in hot olive oil until golden.  The blossoms puff up, the cheese melts and they make a wonderful finger-licking appetizer for the eating al fresco. 

With day lilies you have a choice.  You can add yesterday’s wilted flowers to soup or steam today’s largest buds waiting to be tomorrow’s flowers.  I prefer the latter.  Steam about a minute, top with butter and chopped parsley, pop in your mouth, just like asparagus, and just as good! Don’t eat too many, though, because they can act as a natural laxative.  

Thank you Euell Gibbons for teaching me about free foods.  Thirty years later, I am still enjoying foraging.  Hope you are too!


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